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There are two types of purchase order you can create in AroFlo:

  • Task purchase orders - used to order materials for a particular task (which may include quoted items).
  • Stock purchase orders - used to replenish stock or keep stock levels up to date

The process for both scenarios is much the same; the only difference is how to get to the purchase order screen.

Create Task Order

The Purchase Orders section of a task allows you to search for and create new purchase orders. It also lists all of the purchase orders already created against the task.

Access the section either via the More tab or via the Items tab.

From here, tap the (green plus button) to create a new Task Purchase order.

Continue to Select Supplier.

Search Orders

On the purchase order list screen from a task, you're able to search for a particular purchase order by either the purchase order number or supplier name.

This works in much the same way as the search button on the purchase order list screen.

Only users with the proper access levels can see a full list of orders.
Tap the (back arrow) after searching to return to the list of purchase orders for this task. 

Create Stock Order

From the Stock Purchase Order list, tap the  (green plus button)  to create a new purchase order for stock.

Continue to Select Supplier.

Select Supplier

Next, select a supplier, or alternatively, tap the folder icon to see the list of locations for that supplier and select one from the dropdown list.

Search/Filter suppliers

  • The list of suppliers has several options for filtering by using either the Wholesalers, Contractors or Filter By buttons, or alternatively tap Search to search your suppliers.
  • You can also find the nearest supplier according to your geolocation using Filter By > Nearest (GPS).

Order Details

From here, the purchase order worksheet will display. The header will display the order number, as well as tell you whether it's a stock order or a task order.

Transaction Terms

You may have a coloured banner displaying underneath the header (see image). See Transaction terms  for more information.

Fill out the necessary details as per below and then Save your order.

Purchase Order tabs

The Purchase Order worksheet is broken up into four tabs:

The Notes and More tabs will have a counter on them if there is information contained within them, e.g. if a note or document has been added.

The Overview tab gives you the main details of the purchase order:


The task this purchase order has been raised against (only applicable for Task Orders).

Tap the task name to open the task


The selected supplier for the purchase order

  • Tap the supplier name to open the supplier card.
  • Tap the (magnifying glass) to edit the supplier/supplier and location for this purchase order.
LocationThe supplier's location, if selected.
Deliver To

Select a Deliver To address from the list.

Delivery address options include addresses for the company, a pick up from the supplier, or a custom address.

Task Orders

For Task Orders, you'll also have an option for the client address, and the task address if a location was selected for the task.

Delivery By Date/Time

Select a Delivery By Date and Time by tapping into the fields and using the date / time pickers.

Tap (clock) to insert the current time

Delivery instructionsAdditional delivery details, e.g. 'All deliveries to site office'.
NoteAny special instructions relating to the order, e.g. 'All boxes must have the same batch number'.

Tap the   (green plus button) to add items to the purchase order.

Learn how to add items to the purchase order.

Record more specific information about this purchase order (e.g. information regarding purchase order items) and/or view existing notes.

Read more on notes.

All other applicable aspects related to the purchase order appear in the More tab, in the form of a pop-up. Certain options will have a counter on them to indicate that information is contained within them.

Documents & PhotosView and/or upload photos and documents to the purchase order from your mobile device, for example, copies of tax invoices for your items.
Original OrderA link taking you back to the original order (only applicable for back orders).
Print PDFGenerate a PDF of the purchase order worksheet to send to a mobile printer. See Emailing and Printing.
EmailSend an email and include any attached documents/images, etc. See Emailing and Printing.

Other options

These options appear on most of the five tabs available to you:

The status of the purchase order appears on the quote header. The statuses are colour coded.


Purchase Order statuses can only be changed in AroFlo Office.

In ProgressOrder is currently being worked on
Pending ApprovalOrder requires internal approval (optional status)
ApprovedOrder has been sent to the supplier
ProcessedApproved order that has been processed into accounting package

Allows you to capture a signature from your customer. This is available on all tabs except More.

You can only capture a signature when your purchase order is in the In Progress and Pending Approval status.

Tap Save to save the purchase order. Once you save, the information will be available to all users (in accordance with their access permissions) using AroFlo Field or Office. This is available on all tabs except More.