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A Client is a customer that is connected to your organisation.

View a list of Clients

To view a list of clients, go to Menu > Clients

From this view you can:

  • Search for an existing client
  • Select a client to view their details, or view linked tasks, assets or locations.
  • Select a client to create a new Task for the client.

If you have the correct user permissions, you can also create a client (see below).


Create a Client

To create Clients in AroFlo Field, you will need to have the feature access option 'Allow Create Clients' enabled on your user card. Please contact your Site Administrator for assistance.

  1. From the Client list (shown above), tap Create Client.
  2. Enter the required fields under Client Information and Company Address

    To learn more about each field, see Client Headers

    If you have GPS enabled on your device, tap the(location pin icon) and AroFlo will attempt to enter the address and coordinates of your current GPS location.

  3. If you've manually entered the Location/Address, tap Auto-Generate to update the GPS coordinates for this address. You can also check them using View on Map.

  4. Tap Create Client.

View Client Details

Client Details can also be viewed from other areas, including the Task worksheet.

From a Client list, tap a Client, followed by Client Details, to display information about the client, including contact details.

Learn a few time saving tips below


< Clients

Return to the Client list.


View any Tasks, Assets or Locations linked to this Client.

CreateCreate a new Task or Quote which will use this client.
Phone / Mobile / FaxUse these buttons to quickly open the default dialling application on your device - auto-filled with the phone number shown.

Send SMS

SMS client (if mobile number) using your phone's default SMS app.
Email / WebsiteUse the links to quickly open the default mail application or browser, auto-filled with the details shown.


Tap the address to open your default maps application and quickly navigate to the address.

Documents & Photos

View documents and photos uploaded against this Client or upload new ones. This may include site drawings or schematics. Click any file to open it in a new tab.

NotesView or create notes about the Client. This may include any history with the Client.


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