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AroFlo has an in-built capture signature function that allows users to quickly and easily capture a signature using a stylus on a mobile device. Capture signature functionality is available on quotes, tasks, timesheets, service reports and compliance forms.

The capture signature feature lets you:

  • capture client signatures as acceptance of a quote, completed task or labour booked on a job
  • capture manager or supervisor signatures on weekly timesheets for employees
  • save signatures against the quote, task, invoice and/or compliance form, for easy reference
  • capture multiple signatures, if various personnel are required to sign off
  • apply signature labels such 'Client Approved', to accompany captured signatures.

Capture a signature

  1. Tap the Capture Signature button on a quote, task, invoice, compliance form, purchase order, or timesheet.

  2. Enter the signatory's name and select a signature label (if configured).

  3. Optional: use the Extra 1 and 2 fields for recording any additional information that needs to be included with the signature.

  4. Use a stylus or your finger to sign inside the Signature box.

    Rotate your device if you need a larger signature area.

  5. Tap Capture Signature to save the signature. Alternatively, tap Clear to remove the signature and sign again.

  6. Signatures are saved against the record.

Edit signature details

Management users can edit the print name, label or extra information on a signature:

  1. Tap Edit on the captured signature.
  2. Select Edit Signature.
  3. Update details as required.
  4. Tap Update Signature.

To edit signature details on a compliance form, Management users will need additional Compliance permissions. See Feature Access Settings for more information.

Voiding signatures

Captured signatures cannot be deleted, however, Management users can void the signature to disable it from being included on emails, layouts and/or reports.

  1. Tap Edit on the captured signature.
  2. Select Void Signature.
  3. Tap Save Task.

To un-void the signature, tap Edit, select Unvoid Signature and save the task.

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