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Plain text notes

Plain text allows one continuous line of text with no formats or styles applied.

  1. Scroll or jump to Notes.
  2. Tap Add Note (Text).
  3. Enter your note into the Note field (max 2000 characters).

  4. Click Save Note.

Formatted notes

To add notes with formatted or styled text, tap Add Note (HTML). The text editor will appear on screen allowing you to format text, create bullet point lists and use paragraphs.

The HTML text editor may not be available on all devices and all browsers.

Edit or delete a note

You can only edit or delete your own notes.

  1. Tap Edit on the note.
  2. Edit the note as required, or tap Delete Note to remove it.
  3. Tap Save Note to save your changes.

  • View Previous Notes: This button will appear when there are more than three notes.
  • Expand Notes: Long notes are displayed behind this button - simply click to see the full note.
  • Refresh: If there are other users working on the same task, you can ensure that you're looking at the latest notes by tapping this button.

Emails and SMS in task notes

AroFlo can be configured to import a copy of emails sent or received via AroFlo (Office and Field) to task notes.

This feature is only available if your AroFlo subscription include Document Storage and the Show task/invoice email SMS details in task notes setting is enabled in Site Admin.

Emails in task notes will display the email sender, recipients, the subject and any attachments.

To view the email body, tap View/Hide Email Body. Email attachments can be viewed by tapping the file name.

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