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The training modules below are designed to help you learn at your own pace. They are also useful if you need a refresher between training sessions with your AroFlo consultant.

New users

If you're a new user, we recommend that you check out our Welcome to AroFlo page and get started with our online tutorials.

The following written tutorials should be used as a guide only. For up-to-date information, please refer to the relevant sections of our AroFlo help documentation.

Basic Walk-through
  • Introduction to AroFlo and assessment of workflow requirements
  • Client, location and task creation from the office interface
  • Viewing and completing tasks from the field interface
  • Invoicing completed tasks from the office interface
Set up your AroFlo site
  • Company and user set-up
  • AroFlo configuration settings
  • Setting up system according to your business needs
Calendar & Timesheets
  • Task creation via the calendar
  • Task scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Related workflow and procedures

Client & Supplier Cards

  • Understand how client and supplier information is stored
    within AroFlo
  • Search for and locate specific client or supplier cards
  • Modify existing card details including modification of client
    specific settings
Costings, Timesheets & Invoicing
  • Record your hours for each task in your timesheet
  • Report on individual employee timesheets
  • Complete the task and invoice for labour, materials and expenses
  • Modify an employee timesheet

Mobile Interface

  • Login to the mobile interface
  • Locate assigned and scheduled tasks
  • Complete checklist information
  • Add task notes to a job
  • Add labour, materials and expenses to a job
  • Mark jobs as completed and ready for invoicing

Invoice Layout & Design

  • Modify elements on an invoice layout
  • Add new elements onto an invoice layout
  • Create and save your layout design
  • Use an existing layout to create a new one


  • Create a quote
  • Approve a quote and add quoted materials to a task
  • Invoice quoted work into AroFlo

Purchase Orders & Stock Orders

  • Create a purchase order to replenish stock
  • Create a purchase order for a task
  • Approve a purchase order for integration with your accounting


  • View current client assets
  • Modify asset details and change asset owner
  • Create new assets
  • Add an asset to a task

Periodic Scheduling

  • Create a periodic template
  • View and modify existing periodic templates
  • Set up a schedule for a periodic task

Site invoicing

  • Create an invoice from a mobile device
  • Complete a site invoice and send it back to the office for validation
    and integration with your accounting system

Customise Reports

  • Understand the reporting structure
  • Modify existing reports to suit your needs
  • Create custom reports using AroFlo reporting tools
  • Export your reports as external files

Compliance Risk Templates (JSA)  

  • Create a new JSA template
  • Use the template to add a form onto a task
  • Complete the form in both office and mobile interfaces

Compliance Custom Forms

  • Create a new custom form template
  • Use the template to add a form onto a task
  • Complete the form and capture signatures


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