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Task types are used to define the different types of work your business performs. These are then used for operational or reporting purposes.

Examples of task types are installation, maintenance, and service.
  1. From Site Administration > Settings
  2. Click on the Tasks section
  3. Then click Task Types.

Create Task Type

From here, you can create new task types for your business, or use and edit the examples already provided.

Task types allow you to select the features that will always apply to a particular type of job or service. AroFlo will automatically apply these features every time you choose that task type. For example, your Service task type might include a job checklist, a minimum labour charge, and a default service fee.

To create a new task type for your business, click Create Task Type.

Enter a name for your new task type and add a description if necessary.

You can also assign a default priority against a task type, if you need to track response times for your clients.

For instructions on setting up your priority list, see Priorities.

Click Save to save your task type and return to the Task Types screen.

Edit Task Type

Click on the name of the task type to edit individual settings.

In the Edit Task Type screen, you can set a Default Service Fee for this type of job, for example, a call-out fee.

AroFlo will automatically add this fee to the invoice.

Click Add New.

Enter a Service Fee Description, then enter a cost price and a sell price.

The sell price will appear on your invoice.

Click Add.

On the Checklist tab, you can automatically assign checklists to this task type.

Reordering Task Types

The first task type in the list will be used as a default task type. Use the (two bars icon) to drag your task types to a preferred order.

Click Save once done.

Default Settings tab

Within the Default Settings tab, you can:

  1. Edit or set the Default Priority
  2. Set a Default Work Type
  3. Set the colours you want to display on the calendar for this task type
  4. Set a minimum labour charge for this type of work.

    This charge automatically gets added to the invoice whenever this task type is used.

    You can choose whether the minimum labour charge displays as labour or an expense on the invoice.

    This will not affect any actual labour hours that are booked out onto the job.

You can also link compliance forms and documents to the task type.

Click Save Task Type to save the settings.

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