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Lastly, set up your users. Every staff member who needs to access your AroFlo site must be set up as a user.

  1. Click Users from the header
  2. Click Create User.

Complete the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk.

Enter the User Name and click Check Availability

Each user name must be unique, so it's a good idea to use a person's email address.

Create a password for the user and confirm it.

Next, fill out the contact details and address.

If you want to track profit and loss, you can enter an hourly cost rate for each user. Scroll down and enter this under the Settings tab.

You can also enter user overheads, e.g. vehicle leasing costs and mobile phone charges.

Read more about hourly cost rates and overheads

Next, assign the user to a permission group. User permissions let you control what your users can see and do in AroFlo.

Click the User Permissions tab and click Add User to Group.

Select the most suitable option for the user using AroFlo's three pre-built permission groups.

Generally speaking, use Management for office staff and managers, Supervisor for a site manager, and Worker for Field staff.

You're ready to start using AroFlo!

If you want to step through these set up steps on screen, try our walkthrough tutorials located in the Training Centre, or on the panel to the right.

Feature access

Parts of this feature are included in AroFlo Go.

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