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From the Current Task list, click Set (right of screen) on your task to open the calendar schedule window.

Schedule window

Use the schedule window to set a resource, date and time against an event.

To schedule this task to one or more of your employees:  

  1. Click (add people icon) and select Add Users.
  2. Select the checkbox next to each user's name.

  3. Click x to close the Search Users window.
  4. To change the date of the schedule: click (calendar icon) and select a date.

    Multiple days can be selected by holding CTRL (or CMD for Macs) while you click each date.

  5. To change the start/finish times: click the start/finish time field and either select a new time from the drop-down list, or type in the new time.

Schedule notes

Use the schedule notes field to communicate information to the field technician via their Scheduled Task List in AroFlo Field. This could include instructions such as 'Don't forget to bring the big ladder' or to 'Pick up Jim on the way'.

This note is different from a task note because it is specific to this schedule only and will not be displayed on any future schedules. If the note will be required for multiple site visits, use a task note instead.

Please enter:

Please call the client before attending.

Click Done to save your changes and update the calendar.

For complete instructions on how to use the calendar in AroFlo, please refer to the Calendar help pages. 

Congratulations! You have successfully scheduled the task. The next part of this tutorial will take you through working on a task in AroFlo Field.

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