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AroFlo Field Interface

New-Look Field Interface

Learn about the new look for our Field interface. We'll look at how to access the new look, the updated navigation bar, what the menu now looks like, changes to the task worksheet, and how to perform your day-to-day tasks.

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See how easy it is to keep track of approaching expiry dates and renewals on your workers’ certifications and licences with AroFlo Certifications. Then see this in action by assigning and scheduling tasks only to correctly certified staff.

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Custom Forms

AroFlo provides the ability to create custom forms to suit the environment you operate in, helping you build a catalogue of digital document templates that can be opened and completed on site by your workers. This webinar will teach you how to build a custom form and access it from Field.

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Credit Notes

Credit Notes

Credit notes are used to reduce the amount owing to a client or a supplier and adjust stock holder levels for returned inventory items. This webinar will run through creating Credit notes in AroFlo for both Suppliers and Clients. Also covered is how to allocate credit notes to Invoices and Purchase Orders to reduce outstanding balances.

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AroPoint GPS

AroPoint GPS is our latest, fully functional GPS feature, allowing greater visibility and reporting of all your GPS devices in AroFlo. This webinar will cover the basics, like viewing your devices and tracking history, creating geofences and alerts, running reports, and creating custom profiles.

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Import Data

Price File Updates

Take a look at bulk importing your inventory from an Excel spreadsheet. Also included is our latest function to update your inventory using this tool. Lastly, look at exporting data from a generated report in AroFlo.

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Inventory Management

Learn all about AroFlo's inventory management system in this webinar and how using this feature can greatly reduce the need for manual data entry. We'll show you how to keep track of the quantity and price of stock held in multiple locations.

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Customising Layouts

If you're new at working with layouts, or even if you just want to learn some tips and tricks, this webinar is for you. We'll explore creating customised layouts, adding new or modifying existing elements to layouts, and default settings to ensure you're always using the layout you need.

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Barcodes on Layouts

BPAY or GET PAID FASTER QR Codes within invoices allow your clients to make payment quickly and easily. Custom barcodes are suitable for machine-readable information such as Task, Invoice, Inventory, Asset, Client, Location or Project Data.

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Simple Quotes

In this webinar, we'll explore the difference between simple and detailed quotes, see how to convert a quote into a task, and look at creating a simple quote in AroFlo Office step by step, with helpful tips and explanations along the way.

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Linking Tasks

Tasks can be linked if they are related in some way. This webinar will demonstrate creating a new linked task via an existing one, how to link multiple tasks against a task, and linking tasks belonging to different clients.

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A variation is where you need to record changes or additions from the scope of works that was originally quoted. This can be done both from a task like an installation job, or a project. Watch this webinar to see how you can manage variations.

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