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Adding a Checklist to a Task

OHS Checklists are usually added from the task sheet, although they can be created as standalone forms if required (via Menu > Compliance > Forms).

To create an OHS checklist, tap the More tab > Forms.

This will take us into the Spec Forms tab. Forms that are specific to this Task Type will display here. We haven't linked our OHS form to this Task Type so tap All Forms so we can add our OHS Checklist form.

From here, tap OHS Checklists, which will navigate away from the general forms list and only display the OHS Checklist forms.

This will list OHS Checklists from all of your created categories.

The name of the category appears below the name of each form.

So far we only have one category, one sub category, and one form, but as you create more categories and forms, you may want to filter the list by tapping Categories  to display forms in only the selected category/sub-category.

Tap OHS Checklist to add this to the task.

The Name/Incident field  will be automatically populated but can be renamed if need be.


If your client has assets linked to them, you can specify which asset this OHS Checklist will be created against using the Asset dropdown.

Scroll down to access the checklist.

Checklist Items

We can now fill out our checklist items.

We are also able to specify a Pass, Fail or N/A result for our checklist items.

For this training module we're going to select 'Fail' for 'Job Area safe to commence work'.

For this example, let's assume that there are live wires on the job site which would make it unsafe to commence work, so let's mark the second checklist item 'Area is clear of fires or exposed live wires' as 'Fail' as well. This will prompt the creation of our custom form as per our setup.

Once we close our OHS Checklist we will be prompted to create our custom form.

Save the form to save our answers so far.

Under the 'Area is clear of obstructions or pitfalls' checklist item, you'll see the link to our 'Working with Heights' risk assessment form.

Tap the link to complete the risk assessment. Fill out the relevant checklist item and then close the form (top right of the form).

More on completing risk assessments in Field.

This will return us to our OHS Checklist form. You'll notice the filled out risk assessment form now appears as a hyperlink. Tap this if you need to access the form again.

As we've filled out the Risk Assessment, we're going to assume that the answer to this checklist item is going to be 'Pass'.

At this stage, you can capture a signature by tapping Capture Signature or you can set the status of the form to 'Closed' (at the top right of the form, like we did earlier) and Save.

Failed Items

Because we closed the form with 'Area is clear of fires or exposed live wires' marked as 'Fail', we'll be prompted to create our custom form.

The Failed Items page will detail what actions should occur on any checklist items that we marked as 'Fail'.

We can now leave a note against these checklist items and also create a form under the Create Task option if need be.

Note that the 'Area is clear of fires or exposed live wires' section has already been pre-filled with our Training Form custom form. This is because we specified that this was the correct action for a failure of this checklist item.

Once you Save, you'll return to the task worksheet; however, the additional form(s) will be linked and the More tab will indicate this on the counter.

Tap More > Forms > Task Forms to view the linked forms. You'll notice the two we've closed so far will display as 'Completed' and show the completion time.

From here, tap on a form name to go in and complete any remaining forms as necessary.

This concludes this training module. Please contact your training consultant or AroFlo's support staff if you have any questions or need more information.

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