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A checklist is a list of items that can be added to a task which require a response from a user.

They are very useful for guiding a user through the necessary steps needed to complete a job, as well as prompting a user to complete compliance forms.

Checklist items can also be used to log a timestamp and to capture GPS locations.

Checklists are visible in both AroFlo Office and Field.

Here is a basic example:

Create a checklist template

  1. From Site Administration > Settings
  2. Click on the Tasks section
  3. Then click Checklists.

4. Click Create Checklist (top right).
5. Enter a name for the checklist
6. Keep on clicking Add Item until you have the required amount of checklist items
7. Enter a checklist item name for each item
8. Configure the settings for each checklist item (see below)
9. Click Save Checklist Template when finished.

Other tools

  • Click Multi-Search to paste items from other saved checklists into this list.
  • Use the Cut & Paste option to copy checklist items from other sources (e.g. Microsoft Word or Excel) into the box and then Save Checklist Template to add them as individual items before configuring the settings.
  • Use the(re-order button) to re-order checklist items.
  • Click the(red trash can) to delete an item.

Checklist item settings

The table outlines the main checklist item settings. Click the button below to learn about the others.

Checklist Type

Show the checklist item on either the Task, Quote or both (Task & Quote).

This can be set against either individual checklist items or against the whole checklist using the field in the header.

Message on Pass / Fail / N/ASends an email or sms when the checklist item is marked as either Pass (Y), Fail (N) or N/A (Not applicable)
Show Completed Info

Captures the date and timestamp of when the checklist item is completed in AroFlo Field.


Records the GPS location when the checklist item is marked as Pass / Fail or N/A.

Required (Task Completion)Ensures this checklist item needs to be signed off before the task can be marked as completed.

Read more about Checklist item settings

Don't forget to add the checklist to your relevant task types by modifying your task type, like you saw on the previous page of this module.

Quote checklists

Checklist templates can also be created for Quotes (Site Administration > Settings > Quotes > Checklists).

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