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When using AroFlo, our help and training resources require browser access to third-party cookies.

If your browser is preventing cross-site tracking or blocking 3rd party cookies, you may not have access to our Help Centre, Training Centre and interactive walkthroughs.

You can easily allow third-party cookies by updating your browser settings. Find your browser below and follow the instructions on their website.

AroFlo provides interactive help and training content through a third party product called WalkMe. To keep track of your training progress and to provide interactive walkthroughs, data is sent to WalkMe. This requires access to third-party cookies.

If you don't want to enable third-party cookies, you don't need to. You can always go to to access our help documentation.

Allowing third-party cookies

Select your browser below. This will take you to the browser provided help page.

Apple Safari

Often Safari has a setting to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking turned on. Un-tick this setting to allow third party cookies.

This setting is typically found in Safari Settings below 'Privacy & Security'.

Apple Safari Documentation (for iPhone)

Apple Safari Documentation (for iPad)

Apple Safari Documentation (for MacBook)

Google Chrome

In Chrome, go to More More and click Settings. Under 'Privacy and security', click 'Cookies and other site data'. Select 'Allow all cookies'.

Google Chrome Documentation

Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox, click Fx57Menu Menu and select Options. Under 'Privacy and Security', select the 'Standard' tracking protection.

Mozilla Firefox Documentation

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, click Settings and select Settings. Under 'Privacy, search and services', select the 'Balanced' tracking prevention.

Microsoft Edge Documentation


In Opera, click Settings. Under 'Advanced' in the left sidebar, click 'Privacy & security'. Under 'Privacy and security', click 'Site settings'. Click 'Cookies and site data'. Ensure that 'Block third-party cookies' is not selected.

Opera Documentation

Other browsers

If your browser is not listed or you're not sure what to do, contact our support team for assistance.

Contact out support team

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