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AroFlo is a cloud-based application and as such can be accessed from anywhere that has internet access. There are two interfaces used by the AroFlo system which are used to control different aspects of the process: Office and Field.

Difference between Office and Field

The Office Interface is used by administration, invoicing or scheduling staff to control and manage remote field staff. Office staff can log into this interface to:

  • Create new tasks
  • Validate and invoice completed tasks
  • Maintain a client and supplier base.
  • Create and validate purchase orders
  • Report on job and staff productivity

View Office help documentation

The Field Interface is used by field workers to log and manage their tasks. This will be the primary interface that your field staff will use to complete their daily tasks. Field staff can log into this interface to:

  • View daily job requirements
  • Track time and material expenses against individual jobs.
  • Mark jobs as completed and ready for invoicing.

View Field help documentation

Access the Office Interface

The Office interface can be accessed by opening your Web browser and navigating to the following address:

Create a shortcut

It's a good idea to create a shortcut on your desktop, or set this page as a favourite or bookmark within your internet browser to allow easy access later.

Supported Internet browsers

AroFlo works best on certain browsers. Please see Supported Browsers before accessing the system.

Access the Field Interface

The Field Interface can also be accessed from your web browser in the office, but is designed for use on a field device such as a tablet or mobile phone. It can be accessed by opening your browser on your phone and navigating to

For quick and easy access when out in the field, add AroFlo to the home screen on your mobile device.

Login to AroFlo

You will have been issued with a Username and Password for your personal use. This account is your personal day-to-day use account and should be kept confidential.

It can be used to access the Office Interface ( and Field Interface (

To start using AroFlo or continue with training, please login to Office at

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