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If you have an existing account with MMEM (i.e. Haymans, TLE, AWM or D&W), you can request access to their online catalogue through MMEM's help desk.

All you need is your:

  • Company Name
  • MMEM Account Number
  • Contact Name.

MMEM on Safari

There is a known issue with MMEM Catalogues when using Safari on MacOS. If you're a Mac user and Safari is your preferred browser, please call us once you have login details.

To request access, copy and paste the following details into an email, filling out your company info where relevant.

Request Access to MMEM Online Catalogue

Subject: AroFlo - OCI Catalogue Access Request


Please could I have my account set up for OCI Catalogue Access:
Company Name - **Your Company Name**
Account No - **Account Number with MMEM (or its sub-brands)**
Client Contact - **Name associated with your MMEM account**

Send your email to MMEM's IT Service Team:

MMEM's team will then provide you with login details:

  1. User name
  2. Password
  3. Branch-specific 'punchout' URL for the catalogue website.

Once you've received your login details, you can enter them into Site Admin > Settings > Add Ons > Supplier Catalogue Providers. See Using Supplier Online Catalogues for more information.



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