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Permission groups allow you to control what users can see and do in AroFlo. There are three pre-built permission groups that you can assign to users. Alternatively, you can also use these as templates to quickly create new permission groups based on staff roles and responsibilities.

For more information on replicating a user's current access settings using permission groups, see our Permission Groups FAQ page.

Pre-built permission groupsWhat can be accessed?

Suitable for office staff and managers.

Allows full access to the Office and Field interfaces.

Site Administration Access

To enable access to Site Administration settings, go to the User's profile > Feature Access tab and select the Site Administrator Access checkbox.

For security and confidentiality purposes, only authorised personnel should be granted access to Site Administration.


Suitable for a site foreman.

Allows sufficient access to oversee users within their business unit.

With limited or no access to:

  • Invoices / Invoice Payments / Invoice Credit Notes (no access)
  • Suppliers
  • Contacts
  • Inventory Lists
  • Users
  • Notes
  • Integrations (no access)
  • Compliance Forms > Templates
  • Reports (no access)
  • Supplier Catalogues (no access)
  • Granting external access (no access)


Suitable for field staff.

Allows access to their own information only.

With limited or no access to:

  • Clients (no access)
  • Tasks > Periodic Templates (no access)
  • Invoices / payments / credit notes (no access)
  • Suppliers (Wholesaler list only)
  • Contacts 
  • Locations
  • Supplier Quotes (no access)
  • Inventory / Inventory Lists / Custom Holders
  • Inventory Price Levels (no access)
  • Users
  • Documents & Photos
  • Assets
  • Projects
  • Compliance Forms > Templates
  • Certifications (no access)
  • Integrations (no access)
  • Reports (no access)
  • Scheduling
  • Custom Layouts
  • Notes (own notes only)
  • Supplier Catalogues (no access)
  • Granting external access (no access)

Pre-built permission groups are always displayed at the top of the list and cannot be moved or archived.