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Permission Groups

The functions described on this page are being superseded by Permission Groups. For more information about this transition, please see Permission Groups FAQ.

There are varying levels of user access available in AroFlo. Access types are role based and are set depending on the user's requirements. There are three legacy access types:

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Base.

For example, an Admin user will have near full access to manage all features across the company-wide system, a Manager user will have the ability to oversee users within their Business Unit, and Base users have access to their own information only.

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Access TypeAvailable Access
  • Office Staff and business Managers
  • Edit Clients
  • Edit Users
  • Management of tasks and projects within associated business units
  • Access to timesheets in associated business units
  • Asset category management
  • Reports
  • Edit Task Headers
  • Archive Completed Tasks
  • Optional Accounts management (see table below)
  • Optional Compliance management (see table below)
  • Management of tasks and projects within associated business units
  • Access to timesheets in business units
  • Reports
  • Optional Site Invoicing (see table below)
  • Access to assigned and unassigned tasks only

    You can enable all Base users to see all tasks in Task Settings.

  • Access to personal timesheet only
  • Optional Site Invoicing (see table below)
  • Access to Office calendar to schedule jobs, but not delete or reschedule jobs

Additional permission options

Additional permission options can be applied to each access type to allow access to certain areas of AroFlo. The matrix below details the permission levels available for the various users.

Basic matrix

OptionAdditional Access
N/ANo additional access (none of the additional options below)
Account ManagerAccess to Inventory, Purchase Orders and Invoicing
Compliance ManagerAccess to Compliance information - Tasks, Safety Plans, Forms, Certification, Alerts, Risk Templates, Checklists and Reports
Compliance and AccountCombined access to areas listed above for Compliance Manager and Account manager
Compliance and Account (No report access)

Access to only view current Tasks and cannot run reports

This option may be suitable for temporary staff as they can access 'day to day' admin, but not long-term financial information.

Site InvoiceManagers or base users who need to invoice from the field

Detailed matrix

Privilege/UserUser (Admin)User  (Manager)User (Base)

CurrentAllBusiness UnitAssigned
CompletedAllBusiness UnitAssigned
PeriodicAllBusiness UnitAssigned
QuotesAllBusiness Unit-
CreateAllBusiness UnitBU
ProjectsAllBusiness UnitAssigned
AssetsAllBusiness Unit-
LocationsAllBusiness Unit-
ClientsAllView Business UnitView
ReportsAllTask, Assets, General, Checklist/Comp-

Taskswith Compliance Managerwith Compliance ManagerAssigned
Safety Planwith Compliance Managerwith Compliance Manager-
Formswith Compliance Managerwith Compliance ManagerView/Create
Certificationwith Compliance Managerwith Compliance ManagerView
Alertswith Compliance Managerwith Compliance ManagerView
Risk Templateswith Compliance Managerwith Compliance ManagerView/Create Record
Checklistswith Compliance Managerwith Compliance ManagerView/Create Record
Reportswith Compliance Managerwith Compliance Manager-

CalendarAllBusiness UnitPersonal
SuppliersAllBusiness Unit-
TimesheetAllBusiness UnitPersonal
UsersAllView Business Unit-
Inventorywith Account Managerwith Account Manager-
Orderswith Account Managerwith Account Manager-
Invoicingwith Account Managerwith Account ManagerWith Site Invoice

Access to invoicing and management of compliance is set from the Options drop down list.

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