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The Hours of Work and timesheet automation settings let you:

  • 'Set and forget' your company's ordinary working hours - no need to manually complete timesheets unless variations occur
  • Easily customise the working hours of individual employees - great for part-timers and apprentices
  • Automate the hours of recurring events, such as lunchtime, toolbox talks, or trade school
  • Automatically convert any hours worked outside your ordinary working hours to overtime
  • Automatically convert non-productive time in the workday to the overhead of your choice.

Permission Groups

Managers can set up ordinary working hours and timesheet automation and will see the View Hours of Work icon on the Daily Timesheet. Site Administrators can enable this access for those in custom permission groups via:

    • Permission Groups > [Select permission group] > Hours of Work > Access > View and Edit (set to ticked)
    • Permission Groups > [Select permission group] > Hours of Work > Fields > Timesheet Automation > View, Add and Edit (set to ticked), Remove (tick as required).