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This option allows users to sync their AroFlo schedule (including Task, Overhead and Adhoc events) to Google Calendar.

Without even being logged into AroFlo:

  • Users can receive real-time schedule reminders via their device.
  • Managers can view their team members' AroFlo scheduled events on their own device, in real time.
  • This feature is not available in AroFlo Go.
  • This feature currently has limitations with the 'New Calendar' view.


Immediate updates: The syncing method shown below allows users to receive immediate updates on their Google Calendar whenever the synced AroFlo calendar is updated. You can also sync with Google Calendar by using a hyperlink (see Subscribe Calendar to a Third Party Program), but with that method, Google Calendar will only update once a day.

One-way link: AroFlo calendar entries can only be changed in AroFlo, not in Google Calendar. AroFlo pushes data to Google Calendar; Google Calendar does not send data back.

Crew schedules: If a user is part of a crew, tasks scheduled to that crew will not show on Google Calendar.

Authorise access to Google Calendar

This process should be done with the user present, as they will need to log into their Google Calendar.

  1. Go to Site Admin > Users.
  2. Click the user's name to open the User Card.
  3. Scroll down to the Settings tab.
  4. Click Authorise Access to Google Calendar.
      Click to enlarge
  5. Ask the user to:
    - sign in to their Google account
    - click Allow to allow AroFlo to access their Google calendar.

The user is now linked to their Google calendar. Any schedules created for this user will appear in their Google calendar.

To disable the Google Calendar Sync, click Disable Access on the User Card.

Schedule details

The information sent to a third-party calendar is based on the header and schedule label settings for the user's AroFlo calendar, as well as the task location and GPS co-ordinates. For more information on schedule and header labels, see Schedule Labels.

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