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Hard-wired or plug-in GPS tracking devices give you a powerful way to track your users and assets throughout the day. To order any of the GPS tracking devices described below, please contact our Customer Service team.

Once you've received your AroFlo GPS device, please refer to the links below for installation instructions. If you need assistance or further information, please contact our Customer Service team.

Telstra and Optus SIM Cards Recommended

AroFlo's GPS devices require a data SIM card which you can purchase from your telco. Some telcos provide additional data simcards for free on existing mobile and data plans.

For quick and easy installation, use a Telstra SIM card. For carriers other than Telstra, you will need to provide us with the Access Point Name (APN) that the SIM card uses. This information can only be obtained from the company that provided the SIM card.

 Device Name/SpecsTypeInstructions

ATrack AX9 Tracker



Plug in (OBD port)

AroFlo Installation instructions

ATrack AK7 TrackerHard-wiredAroFlo Installation Instructions


 Ulbotech T373B GPS Unit 

**Not suitable for Japanese vehicles**

Plug in (OBD port)AroFlo Installation Instructions

GPS Connect Charge

AroFlo's GPS Connect service is an additional $10 per month per device.

Assign and activate GPS device

You will need to assign and activate the GPS device on the user's profile in Site Admin before installing it in a vehicle. 

  1. Go to Site Admin > Users.
  2. Click the user's name to access their user profile.
  3. Scroll down and click the Feature Access tab.
  4. Click the Allow GPS Tracking checkbox.
  5. Click Save.
  6. In GPS Tracking Settings, select the Traccar option.


  7. Click OK to authorise the GPS device.

  8. Select the device from the list.
  9. Select the frequency of how often you want the GPS data to update, i.e. every 3, 5, 10 or 30 seconds.

    The frequency may impact the data allowance of your mobile plan. As a guide, Traccar uses approx. 5MB to 40MB per week depending on the frequency selected.

  10. Enter the SIM card phone number and IMEI number (the unique number displayed on the device).
  11. Click Done.
  12. Set the times and days for GPS Tracking to be enabled.
  13. Click Save.

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Update GPS configuration settings

To update the device model, IMEI and/or mobile number for a connected GPS device:

  1. Click Update Configuration.
  2. Edit details as required. Once an IMEI is entered, AroFlo will check if it is available.

  3. Click Save, or Cancel to revert to the original settings.

Video tutorial

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  1. Generally speaking, A Track devices last around 3~5 years (as advised by ATrack). However it is dependant on how heavily the device is used.