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AroFlo features an integrated email interface that allows you to raise quotes, tasks, compliance (OHS) forms, invoices and purchase orders and send them to customers and suppliers.

Sending email on behalf of hundreds of AroFlo organisations, to the millions of their customers is a key part of AroFlo.

Emails using the AroFlo domain

To help ensure accurate and prompt delivery of emails sent from AroFlo, all emails are sent using the domain, with an email prefix identifying your company:

The benefits of using the AroFlo domain:

We can guarantee your messages are correctly authenticated.

We can better control and monitor the email infrastructure.

We can track email delivery and bounces.

Email appearance

Email sent from AroFlo appears in the following format:

From: Your Company Name <>
To: Your Customer <>
Subject: Here is your invoice!

The ‘From’ Display Name, email prefix and ‘ReplyTo’ address are all configurable, but the email domain name ‘’ cannot be changed. If your customers ‘Reply’ to email sent from AroFlo, they will reply to the email ‘ReplyTo’ address you configure.

Email settings can be configured for each Business Unit.

Why we use the AroFlo domain

AroFlo sends hundreds of thousands of emails on behalf of our customers each month.

Increasing efforts to prevent spam and malicious email means that impersonating a company with our email is unreliable.

If AroFlo sends email on behalf of our customers' domains, legitimate emails may not be successfully delivered.

We have had this confirmed in our research of other companies that send lots of email for their users like Xero, Facebook, Yahoo! and JPMorgan Chase.

It confirms there is no way to reliably send email while pretending to be someone else.

Email - Technical details and configuration.

You can read about the technical details here

The article also links to Advanced email options.


To setup email, see Email Configuration


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