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The following details will help you configure emails within AroFlo.

For more information on email delivery in AroFlo, please see Email Delivery

For detail on using email in AroFlo, see Using Email in AroFlo

Configure the 'From' Email address

All AroFlo emails are sent using

Each Business Unit can be configured to have an individual sending domain prefix (the

To update the default From address for your Company/Business Unit (BU),

  1. Login as the Site Administrator,
  2. Click the Business Unit tab
  3. Click the Edit button for the corresponding Business Unit you want to update.
  4. Update the Sending Domain Prefix.
  5. Click Save.

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'Reply-To' Email address

Emails can be sent with any Reply address. This address is different to the 'From' email address (see above) and allows your clients to reply directly to you.

When sending your email, in Email Options, any email in the From field will be used as the Reply-To email when your recipient clicks 'Reply'.

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Default Email Settings

If you wish to set a default address in the From field on your emails (or any other field within the options shown above), you can also configure these in Site Administration.

  • To set defaults for layouts such as Quotes, Jobsheets and Invoices, go to Settings and enter 'email' in the Search box. Select Print / Email Defaults from the relevant heading.
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  • To set defaults for event messages, In site Admin, access Settings > General > Event Messages.

Advanced Settings

To use your own domain email as the sending email address, please view this page for advanced configuration information including SPF, DKIM and domain verification: Email Sending Domain

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