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Custom fields are extra fields that you can create to record additional information against Tasks, Clients, Locations, Suppliers, Assets and Users.

For example, you may want to record marketing information such as 'Referral Source' on the Client card. 

Add a custom field

  1. In Site Admin, go to Settings.
  2. Use the search box to find Custom Fields.

  3. Click the link in the relevant section, e.g. Quotes, Clients, Suppliers.
  4. Click Add Custom Field.
  5. Complete the fields and options as explained in the table below. 
  6. Click Save Custom Fields.

Archived Custom Fields

If you add a new custom field with the same name as an archived field, it will reactivate the archived field.

All custom fields
Field NameEnter a field name / label that describes what information is required.
TypeSelect the type of field from the list: Text box, Numeric, Date field, Checkbox, Radio, Select, Text area
Radio/Select Val

This is primarily used for Radio and Select types.
Enter a list of values you want to appear as a radio button or list selection.
These values must be separated with a comma, e.g. Yes,No,N/A

LengthSet a character limit for the custom field. Text fields allow up to 200 char and text blocks allow up 2000 char.
Show in Field

Allow field users to access custom fields according to the following levels of access:

Full Access - Field users are able to view and edit custom fields.
Read Only - Field users are able to view custom fields only.
Read Only (If value set) - Field users are able to view custom fields only if a value exists.
No Access -  Field users are unable to view custom fields.

RequiredSelect this option to make the custom field a 'required' field when creating a new record
i.e: Client, Location, Supplier, Asset or User.
ArchiveClick to archive the custom field if no longer required.
Custom field information will be retained in existing records.
Task custom fields
Required (Creation)Select this option to make the custom field a 'required' field for task creation.
Required (Completion)Select this option to make the custom field a 'required' field for task completion.
Task TypesClick this button to apply the custom field to all task types or a particular task type (must select at least 1).
Client custom fields
Show on Task SheetSelect this option to display the custom field on the Task sheet. (only displays on an open Task)

Add existing custom field to task

  1. In Site Admin, go to Settings.
  2. Use the search box to find Custom Fields.

  3. Under Tasks, click Custom Fields.
  4. Click Add Existing Custom Field.
  5. Click Select Existing Custom Field to access the entire list of custom fields within the system.
  6. Select the required custom field/s.
  7. Click Add.

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Update custom fields

When custom fields are set up, they will automatically appear on any new entries created (i.e. Task, Client, Location, Supplier, Asset and User entries). Existing entries can be updated by clicking the Update Custom Fields on All ... button. 

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On the Task Custom Fields page, the Update Custom Fields on All ... button applies to Periodics only. New custom fields are not applied to existing Tasks.

For Client Custom Fields, you can also update individual Client cards by clicking the Update Custom Fields button located within the Client card.

Changing task types

If you change the task type on an existing task, the task header will show:

  • the custom fields associated with the new task type, and
  • any completed custom fields from the original task type.

Immediately after saving the new task type you will have the option to delete any unused custom fields from the original task type.

Archive custom fields

To archive a custom field, click the checkbox under the Archive column and Save.

To restore a custom fields that has been archived, click the drop-down filter at the top right of the screen and select Archived. Uncheck the Archive checkbox and Save.

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