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The table below provides an overview of the site admin settings that control the behaviour of compliance forms and templates.

Click the blue links on the left to access full instructions for each setting.

Print/Email Defaults

Set up default layouts, email templates and default email addresses for Risk Assessments, OHS Checklists and Custom Forms.

Risk TemplatesCreate templates for JSA e-forms that your staff can access and complete directly on a task.
FormsCreate e-forms to cover all of your compliance needs.
CertificationsSet up certifications to enable tracking of qualifications and / or certifications for staff, sub-contractors or client requirements.


  • Escalation
  • Alert Flag
  • Authorised Signature


Select the recipients of compliance escalation emails.
Set the risk level of an item on a JSA/Risk Assessment that will trigger an email for non-compliance.
Allows you to upload a signature image file for use on Compliance Layouts.

Default Signature Type for
Compliance Forms
Set a default signature type (Employee, Customer or Contractor) to be used on compliance forms.
Default Compliance Note RestrictionsSet the defaults for who has access to compliance notes.