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Permission groups allow you to control what users can see and do in AroFlo. You can create permission groups based on staff roles or responsibilities and assign users via their user profile.

AroFlo features three pre-built permission groups that are suitable for office and field staff. You can also use these as templates to quickly create new permission groups based on staff roles and responsibilities.

Are you preparing to move over to Permission Groups from our legacy access types? We recommend checking out our FAQ page.

To add a user to a permission group:

  1. Go to Site Admin > Users.
  2. Click the user's name.
  3. Scroll down to the User Permissions tab.
  4. Under Access Type (if visible), select Use Permission Groups.

    The Access Type drop down will only appear to users created before 31/08/18.

    Click to enlarge

  5. On the Permission Groups tab, click + Add User to Group.
  6. Select a permission group checkbox.

    Learn about the pre-built groups (Management, Supervisor and Worker) here.

    Users may be added to multiple permission groups to provide additional permissions in cases where user roles or responsibilities overlap. In the example below, a user who is normally a Supervisor has been given Manager access, to cover for a manager who is on leave.

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  7. Click + Add to User.
  8. Click Save.

  9. Go to the Feature Access tab and enable the required settings.
  10. Click Save.

Check Feature Access Settings

We are in the process of moving Feature Access settings to Permission Groups. Please note these settings are temporarily unavailable in permission groups and will need to be configured separately to allow:

  • pricing visibility on quotes and tasks
  • access to Site Administration settings
  • GPS tracking.