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Zapier is a Web service that allows you to connect different WebApps or SAAS (Software as a Service) systems together as long as they have an API and are accessible via the internet and uses "Zaps" to complete certain "Actions" on data from different "Triggers". Zaps can also use "Searches" to get more data for further "Actions".

A simple Zap might be:

  • User completes a form on your website
  • Details are then added to your mailing list

Invite Only

The AroFlo Zapier app is currently invite only whilst we continue to improve it. If you are interested in using Zapier with your AroFlo, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

The AroFlo Zapier app allows you to connect AroFlo with other systems without needing to know any coding or be overly familiar with our API, making it easier to get on with what you want to do.

No coding/programming experience required.

Easy to setup and use.


The AroFlo Zapier uses the AroFlo API and is subject to the same limitations. For full details please refer to the AroFlo API Limits page. We are exploring options for a paid add-on to increase these limits adding further flexibility to the AroFlo Zapier App.


Triggers are what Zapier looks at for new data which you can then apply actions or searches to. The AroFlo Zapier app currently supports the following triggers.

List ClientsReturns the list of clients who have had any details updated within AroFlo
List Tasks List tasks based on supplied criteriaBusiness Unit, Client Name, Task Type, Sort Order, Sort Direction, Filter Date Field, Filter Date Period, Task Status


You might start of a Zap with a List Tasks trigger where the Status is Not Started and the Date Requested is Today to get new tasks created today that have not been started.


Actions as the name implies allows you to do things with the data in your Zap. The AroFlo Zapier app currently supports the following actions.

 Create ClientClient Name, ABN, Given Names (Primary Contact), Surname (Primary Contact), Phone, Fax, Mobile, Email, Location Name, Address, City, State, PostCode, Country, Mailing Location, Mailing Address 2, Mailing City, Mailing State, Mailing Postcode, Mailing Country, Business Unit Links, 
Update ClientCompany/Reference Name, Contact First Name, Contact Surname, ABN, Phone, Mobile, Fax, Email, Company Location, Company Address, Company City, Company State, Company Postcode, Company Country, Mailing Location, Mailing Address, Mailing City, Mailing State, Mailing Postcode, Mailing Country, 

Create Task

Business Unit, Priority, Client ID, Task Type, Due Date, Task Name, Task Description, Customer/Work Order Number
Update TaskStatus


You might have a zap setup that reads a form from your website so clients can submit a work request, it then takes the information from that trigger and use the action "Create Task" to create a new task for your client in AroFlo (you might need a step prior to creating the task that uses the "Find Client" search below to retrieve the Client ID needed to create a task)


Searches allow you to retrieve specific data via Zapier. The AroFlo Zapier app currently supports the following searches.

SearchesSearch Fields
Find TaskJobnumber

Find Client

Client Name


You might use the "Find Client" action as an extra step in the previous Actions Example to find the ClientID needed in order to create a task. The "Find Client" search can also be a "Find or Create Client" so that if it doesn't find the client you need you can pass through details to create a client and then use that new ID when creating the task.

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