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HMAC Auth & Paging

We have updated the AroFloAPI to now support HMAC-SHA512 Key authentication and to allow for paging data returned for any zone.

Key Authentication

Authentication for AroFloAPI has been pretty basic since we first introduced it some time ago. It's now time for us to increase the security of our API queries to ensure the protection of your data. To this end we have enabled a HMAC-SHA512 Key Authentication method on all queries to the AroFloAPI.

For the moment, existing zones will not require this new auth method, but any new zones we add will require it. We encourage you to update all of your queries to this new method as soon as you can as we will be requiring this auth on all zones in the future.

Full documentation is available here: Key Authentication

Key Authentication will be required on all zones starting 1 September 2018 . We'll send a further newsletter as a reminder around the 15th August.

Paging Fields

Within the zoneresponse object we are now returning some new fields to help you with paging your data.

<zoneresponse> <maxpageresults>500</maxpageresults> <pagenumber>1</pagenumber> <currentpageresults>500</currentpageresults> ... </zoneresponse>

We current set maxpageresults to 500 records. You can then compare this to the currentpageresults value. If they are they same you can call for the next page. The current page number is pagenumber , so increment this and includ it in your next call will give you the next page.

It's in the Docs
We've updated the documentation with this information as well as an example on how paging works.

Whats changed?
In order to bring paging to AroFlo API we had to make some changes to our queries on the backend and this has changed things slightly. The biggest change is that you can no longer limit the items returns on a main zone by filters on a join. What does that mean and how does that affect you?

Previously if you made a call like the following:

  • &zone=tasks&join=material&where=and|matlinkprocessed|=|false

It would only return tasks (and their materials) where matlinkprocessed was false. With the update to paging this will no longer work in that manner. It will instead return all tasks (since there was no filter applied to the main zone) AND where a task has material and the matlinkprocessed is false, those tasks will also have material data return as well.

Such a query should really be done from the TaskMaterials zone at any rate and so we are adding a couple more zones of this nature

  • TaskExpense
  • Payments

These new zones require the use of Key Authentication.

Would you like to know more?

Call to chat with one of our friendly Customer Service team members, or send us a support request via the AroFlo Help menu.

Kind regards,
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