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The Reckon Accounts Hosted Integration is able to send through Class information for both Client and Supplier Invoices with a choice of either Business Unit or Tracking Centres.

Tracking Centre or Business Unit

As Reckon Hosted only allows either a Line Item Class or Invoice Class, you will need to choose which Class you would like to use in the Integration Setup.

From the Integration Menu, in the Integration Entities section, click Edit next to Tracking Centres and choose the option you prefer and click Save. You can then continue with the appropriate setup in Reckon listed below.



Posting Tracking Centres to Reckon Hosted

Tracking Centres in AroFlo are known as Classes in Reckon Accounts. To be able to link tracking centre information you must first add a Class named:

  • AroFlo

Then create sub classes named exactly the same as the tracking centres in AroFlo. e.g.:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

For each Tracking Centre in AroFlo

Create a Sub Class for the Class called "AroFlo"

Any Client or Supplier Invoices posted after this change will then be linked to the appropriate Class.


Tracking Business Units

To setup Business Unit names as a Class in Reckon Hosted, create a Class in Reckon Hosted called:

  • Business Unit (AroFlo)

And then create Sub Classes for the full name of each Business Unit in your AroFlo site e.g.

  • AroFlo Services
  • Business Unit A
  • Business Unit B


 For each Business Unit in AroFlo

Create a Category Option for the Tracking Centre called "Business Unit (AroFlo)"

Any invoices posted after this change will then be linked to the appropriate Class.