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When posting an invoice to Reckon Accounts Hosted, Aroflo reports an error:

There was an error when saving a Invoice. Reckon Accounts error message: Transaction not in balance

Correct Tax Code for the Account

Ensure that any rounding mappings are using the correct tax code allocated to the account in Reckon/QB. (eg. you cannot post a FRE taxcode item to a GST designated account.)


This is quickly resolved by ensuring that the Items in Reckon Hosted have the correct linked Tax Code.

From Reckon, select the Lists → Item List menu.

From the Item List, right click an item and select Edit Item.

Click the drop down for Tax Code and choose the appropriate Tax Code for that item. GST for any of the "Sales - XXX" items and NCG for any of the "Purchases - XXX"

The Item should now look similar to this. Click OK to save the changes.