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Full Error Code
Unable to locate [] for * (Category ='')"


This error can happen with Invoice posting and/or supplier invoice posting occurs when: 

  1. Not logged in with a user with sufficient enough posting permissions (Login as ADMIN user)
  2. Rounding is mapped with a non-conforming code (e.g. N-T when it should FRE)
  3. Default mappings are not setup for "General" or "Rounding" in Spearhead "Accounts > Sales Invoices"


  1. Login as Admin User (or user with Admin rights)
  2. Check tax codes setup correctly
  3. Check default mappings in Spearhead and AroFlo


  1. this error may also be a result of trying to post a 0 dollar invoice, an invoice with a negative value or the invoice has negative value invoice lines (such as quote variation line)

  2. also may be due to missing Default Income & Expense Accounts.