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The following section details some of the most commonly used MYOB Specific settings within the integration software.

To access these settings go to ToolsOptionsMYOB.

On this page:


The General tab shows the connection and general settings between MYOB and the integration software. The first two lines allow you to set the location of the MYOB Executable and your MYOB Data File, which you will use after upgrading your version of MYOB to point to the correct version of both MYOB and your data file.

Enter the User Name and Password for an administrator user in MYOB so that we can insert and update records in MYOB.

You may be asked to turn on Archive SQL if you are having difficulties importing into MYOB as this can assist the Technical Support team to identify where the issue may lie. You can change the default location for the SQL logs also by changing the Path field.

Use Card ID's to identify records MUST REMAIN TURNED ON.

We identify records in MYOB via the Card ID field which we have populated with an internal identifier from AroFlo. This is so that if you update a client or suppliers name in AroFlo, the integration link can identify and update the correct record instead of relying on a direct match on the client or suppliers name.

If you have doubts concerning the integrity of data being posted across to MYOB you can turn on Double Check Invoice & Bills after posting. This will for the integration link to recheck all data posted to MYOB. The option below this controls the wait period before the link rechecks the results.

Default Tax Code should always be set to GST.



This tab allows us to set up some default Account codes against items on Sales Invocies, COGS/Supplier Invoices. During the setup we would have set a default account for General and Rounding (usually the main sales account) for Sales Invoices and Rounding for COGS/Supplier Invoices.

Map Categories to

 The integration can link invoices to either Jobs or Categories in MYOB based on either the Business Unit name or the Project Number that the invoice belongs to based on the Map Categories to setting.

Only make changes in here if you have made changes to your chart of accounts and now use different accounts for these functions.


The default settings for invoices should not be modified to ensure smooth operation of the AroFlo-MYOB integration software. Only the first two options should be changed as required:

  • Import Customer Purchase Order Numbers - import the CustON (Customer Order Number) field from AroFlo and show on the invoice in MYOB
  • Use Site Address on Invoice - Use the site Location address instead of the Client Mailing Address on the invoice.