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Use the table below to troubleshoot common errors that may be encountered when posting data via AroFlo's cloud-based and desktop accounting integration links. Further information can be accessed by clicking the blue error message link.

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Cloud-Based IntegrationError MessageCauseSolution
MYOB Live[####] CardId:(SalesEvent)The client in MYOB is set to On Credit Hold status which prevents invoices from being created against their account.The client will need to remove the On Credit Hold status (if no longer applicable) to be able to push the invoice across.
MYOB Live[4227] CategoryId:(SaleEvent)MYOB is expecting a "Category" to be defined for the Invoice that is being posted.This is a enforcement that can be turned off within MYOB or if it needs to be used, the integration link needs to be configured to pass the appropriate Category details to via the Manage -> Integration -> Integration Entities -> "Invoice Category" section.
MYOB Live[4245] JobId:(SaleEventLine)MYOB is expecting a "Job" to be defined for the Invoice line items that are being posted.

This is a enforcement that can be turned off within MYOB or if it needs to be used, the integration link needs to be configured to pass the appropriate Job details to via the Manage -> Integration -> Integration Entities -> "Invoice Job" section.

MYOB Live [4223] DateOccurred:(SaleEvent)

When trying to send an invoice across and receiving this error, it's due to the client having a payment block enabled for that period, typically around financial year.

Also check that the Due date isn't set prior to Date invoiced.

Client must remove their payment block within MYOB to be capable of sending new invoices across.

Amend these dates.

MYOB Live[50] Error converting value "" to type 'System.Guid'. Path 'lines[X].Account.uid', line 1, position YYY.   The Account Code (Account.uid) for the item at line number X (lines[X]) does not have a matching identifier (uid) that MYOB understands.Remap the account code and update the line item to select the new account code and retry the post.
MYOB Live[50] Error converting value "" to type 'System.Guid'. Path 'invoices[X].uid', line 1, position YYYThe invoice (invoices[X].uid) from this payment has not been transferred to MYOB and does not have an identifier (uid) that MYOB understandsEnsure the invoice has been posted across via the integration link and then try posting the payment again.
MYOB Live[50] Error converting value "" to type 'System.Guid'. Path 'SellingDetails.FreightTaxCode.UID'Purchase order line item tax code (FreightTaxCode.UID) does not have an identifier (UID) that MYOB understands.Ensure all tax codes have been properly imported from MYOB and mapped accordingly in the Map Account Codes area. Update the PO line items with the correct tax codes and retry the post.
MYOB Live[2530] Number:(ABNVO)The ABN details in AroFlo do not align with the expected format "12 345 678 901". The ABN needs to include all spaces to be valid.

Locate the client card and ensure the ABN format is correct.

MYOB LiveBusinessLine_AccountHeaderNotAllowedAttempting to post data with an 'Header' Account Code mapped.

Ensure a 'Header' Account Code is not being used when posting Data. Use an Account Code under a Header.

Example - How it looks in MYOB

Name - Account Code 1234 <--- This is a header level (Can't Use)

Name - Account Code 5678 (Can Use)

Name - Account Code 9012 (Can Use)

Reckon HostedThere was an error when saving a Invoice. Reckon Accounts error message: Transaction not in balanceIncorrect tax codes on items in Reckon Hosted.

Ensure all items in Reckon Hosted have the correct linked Tax Code.

Also, check any rounding mappings are using the correct tax code allocated to the account in Reckon/QB. (eg. you cannot post a FRE taxcode item to a GST designated account.)


The Ipayable cannot be appliedYour AroFlo integration link is configured to post Invoices / Credit Notes to Xero as a 'DRAFT' or 'SUBMITTED' document.Go to your AroFlo Integration Menu > Integration Entities and change the Invoice Status to 'AUTHORISED'.
XEROInvoice not valid state for modificationThe invoice already exists in Xero and the AroFlo integration link has not been configured to allow invoice updates.Go to your AroFlo Integration Menu > Integration Entities and change the Invoice Status to 'AUTHORISED'.
XERODocument could not be foundPosting payments to Xero but the invoice does not yet exist.Post the invoice to Xero first, then post payments.
XEROThe contact with the specified contact details has been archivedAttempting to post data where the customer has been archived in Xero. 

Locate the customer assigned to this sale in Xero, and click the Restore Contact button. Re-post data.

XERO You cannot save this transaction using an inventory account type Posting Purchase Orders or COGs to 630-Inventory account

XERO reserves the account 630-Inventory for it's own uses and cannot be used for integration. In order to track cost of inventory in XERO you will need an independant Asset account code setup, imported into AroFlo and configured correctly in the Map Account Codes area.

Once the new account is setup, adjust the PO line items to the new account and re-post. COGs entries will need to be updated by AroFlo Customer Service.

XEROXero Timesheet Integration - Post contains no dataPosting Timesheets to Xero results in the error 'This post contains no data'.

Reauthorise the company token and authorise payroll access.

XEROXero Timesheet Integration - TrackingItemID is requiredPosting Timesheets to Xero results in the error 'TrackingItemID is required'In Xero change the timesheet category to none.
Quickbooks Online

Code: 6000

Message: A business validation error has occurred while processing your request

Detail: Business Validation Error: We're sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax. Try reselecting the tax rate or reentering the product/service item and saving the form again.

Attempting to post to an incorrect Tax Code, likely trying to post a Purchase against the "GST" code or a Sale against the "GST on non-capital" code.

Ensure tax codes are correctly mapped and used in Quickbooks depending on the accounting method being used at the time

Invoices: Use Tax Code "GST"

Bills: Use Tax Code "GST on non-capital"

Desktop Integration


MYOB Input String was not in a Correct Format

MYOB does not accept $0 lines in Purchase Orders.Remove any $0 lines and attempt to re-post.
MYOB 101: No customer match located MYOB does not have a card ID associated with the supplier/client.

Confirm that the CardID is not already in use in MYOB.

Contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

MYOBStringLengthExceeded: Maximum allowed characters for ReferenceForCard is 20MYOB only accepts Customer Order Numbers (Cust ON) of 20 characters max.Reduce the Cust ON in either the invoice and/or project (also remove any unnecessary spaces as they are included in the character count).
MYOB LiveThe remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.Sometimes occurs when connecting AroFlo-MYOB Live integration link to MYOB AccountRight SE (Server Edition).

Stop the MYOB AccountRight API or MYOB AccountRight Server service and update server name in config file.

Contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

MYOB LiveNo Tax Codes Entered / 100:Required FreightTaxCode Missing  If the Link software is kept open for extended periods it can sometimes loose it's connection to MYOB.

Go to Tools > Options > MYOB window and check if there is an entry for the Default Tax Code.

If the field is blank, then the Link software has lost its connection to MYOB. Restart the Link to resolve this issue.

QuickBooks ReckonUnable to locate [] for * (Category ='')"

This error may appear when posting Invoices / Supplier Invoices in the following scenarios:

  1. Not logged in with a user with sufficient enough posting permissions (Login as ADMIN user).
  2. Rounding is mapped with a non-conforming code (e.g. N-T when it should FRE).
  3. Default mappings are not setup for 'General' or 'Rounding' in the Link software (Accounts > Sales Invoices).
  1. Login as Admin User (or user with Admin rights).
  2. Check tax codes setup correctly.
  3. Check default mappings in the Link software and AroFlo integration menu.
QuickBooks Reckon-902 : Payment Method does not Exist in Quickbooks !Payment methods in AroFlo and Quickbooks/Reckon do not match. Ensure payment methods in AroFlo are exactly the same in Quickbooks/Reckon.
QuickBooks Reckon3140 : There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Purchase Tax Code "80000009-1262565998" in the Items. QuickBooks error message: Unknown Error error on inserting invoices.

Incorrect Tax Code setup in Quickbooks/Reckon.

This error can also occur against a Sales Tax code, depending on the client configuration. 

Ensure each Tax Code has a correct Tax Item set for both Purchases and Sales in Quickbooks/Reckon. Then up date Tax Codes for Income and Expense accounts in the QB/Reckon link configuration.

QuickBooks Reckon

3020: There was an error when converting the date value"1899-12-30" in the field "bill transaction date".

Purchase order is missing date information.Ensure all four date fields (Date Purchased, Date Received, Date Invoiced and Due Date) have a valid date value. Once complete, go to the Link software > File > Refresh Data, then re-post.
QuickBooks ReckonAccount not found in list of postable accounts

May be due to a missing GST Rounding mapping or account settings in the Link software.

Ensure there are default account codes set for General & Rounding for Sales Invoices, and Rounding on Supplier Invoices.