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Once the integration link has been configured for your accounting package, you can access the Integration Menu via Site Administration > Integration.

Alternatively, if you have the Integration Menu enabled on your user profile, you can access it via Office > Manage > Integration. For more information, see the Integration Menu section of Feature Access Settings.

Integration Entities

A link to an accounting company file is represented by an Integration Entity.

The Integration Entity tab contains settings which were configured during your integration setup.

Integration Entity Details

Integration Entity

The name of the integration entity.

This could be set to match the name of your accounting package company file or the business unit which is linked.

Invoice No.The next invoice / purchase order / credit note number that will be posted from this integration entity to the linked accounting package.

Purchase Order No.
Credit Note No.

Business Units

This section lists the Business Units linked to the selected Integration Entity.

External Integration

AroFlo support will set the Accounting package used by your business. The Enable External Integration checkbox can be ticked / unticked to enable or disable this connection.

Post Zones

Sections listed with a tick in the checkbox will be available for your data sync.

Other settings and field mappings

If External Integration has been enabled and a token has been authorised, you may see additional settings. These are unique to the authorised accounting package. Learn more about some of these in the pages below:

Multiple Integration Entities

AroFlo can export information to separate accounting files by creatingadditional integration entities. The AroFlo Support team will advise if this is required in your business.

Additional Integration Entities can be linked to additional accounting company files, however all must be from one accounting package (Xero, MYOB etc).

Every Integration Entity (with external integration enabled) is charged a yearly 'Integration Link' maintenance fee. Refer to our pricing schedule.

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