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What is a geofence?

A geofence is a user-created virtual boundary which can trigger an alert when a GPS tracked object enters or exits the boundary. For example, you may set up work zones and you want to be able to track where your drivers are, in relation to these zones.

The geofences shown on the map are determined by your AroPoint profile.

Geofences are not to be confused with AroFlo's Resource Zones.

Creating geofences

  1. From Tools click Geofencing 
    The following panel appears:
  2. Click the (plus icon) to create a new geofence.
  3. Use the mouse to draw a polygon on the map. Click to determine points when creating geofences for curved roads. Click the first box again to complete the shape.
  4. Type in a name for your geofence and choose a colour.

  5. Select a group to assign the new geofence to or create a group (optional).

  6. Save.

You can now create an alert for this geofence if you want to.

Editing a geofence

To edit a geofence, click on the corresponding geofence option , and click Edit.

You'll be able to edit the points, the name of the geofence, the group, and the colour.

Remember to Save.

Ticking / unticking the check boxes will show / hide the geofences on the map.

Deleting a geofence

To delete a geofence, click on the corresponding geofence option  and click Delete.

Geofence groups

Just like with objects, you can create groups for your geofences if you wish.

Use cases

  • You might want to create groups so that not all of your geofences are displayed on the map at one time.
  • You could have supplier geofences as one group and work sites as another group.
  • You can have eastern suburbs geofences as one group, northern suburbs as another, etc.
  1. Click the three dots  beside the geofence name and click Edit.
  2. Click the  (plus icon) beside the Group field.
  3. Similar to creating object groups, type each group name in the 'Name' fields.
  4. Save.
  5. Select which group to assign this geofence to using the dropdown.
  6. Save.
Ticking / unticking the check boxes next to the group name will show / hide the whole geofence group on the map.

If you don't create geofence groups, a default group of 'Ungrouped' will display.

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