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Take advantage of AroFlo's supplier invoice import feature and create an efficient purchasing workflow that not only saves you time but also reduces the risk of errors.

This feature allows a Field user to quickly raise a Purchase Order (PO) without any items, give the PO number to the supplier cashier and then have all items from their invoice imported via email into AroFlo. When the supplier invoice is received, AroFlo will populate the line items from the invoice directly into the PO and emails a copy for your records.

AroFlo can connect to an existing email account on your own domain, or you can create a direct email address within AroFlo (recommended).


Direct or POP?

If using a Direct Email import, POs will be imported into AroFlo as soon as the email is received by our mail server.

If using a POP Server import, a process runs every 15 minutes to download and process all emails in that account.

Set up a supplier invoice import

You can set up a supplier invoice import for any supported supplier.

  1. Go to Office > Manage > Suppliers.
  2. Select your preferred supplier from the list.
  3. Scroll down to Settings and click Email Import to Purchase Order.

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  4. Choose Direct Email Import or POP Server .

Direct email import

Direct email import allows you to create your own email address This email address must be unique across our entire AroFlo database. As you create the address, you will be notified if it is already in use by another AroFlo customer. You can create up to 20 unique direct email addresses for your company.

To create a direct email address for importing:

  1. Click the magnifying glass.
  2. Click Add Email .

    Alternatively, you can select an existing email address from the list.

  3. Enter your preferred email address (min 6 characters) e.g: "my_company", or "mycompany_orders"

  4. AroFlo will check and confirm if the email address is available. Direct email addresses must be unique for the across the entire AroFlo client base.

  5. Click Save if the address is available, or try a variation of the name until you find a unique address.
  6. Your selected email address is now set against this supplier import.


How many direct email addresses do I need?

We use a combination of the direct email address and the sender's "From" email addresses to determine which supplier to map the invoice against. You can create a single email, e.g., and provide it to multiple suppliers.

If you want to forward emails from your mailbox for importing, you will need to create multiple direct email addresses and include your domain in the "From" filter. See Configure Import Settings for further information.

Pop server import

AroFlo can be connected to your existing POP email accounts by using the Pop Server settings, however we strongly encourage the use of direct email addresses where possible.

Requirements for POP Account

  • AroFlo encourage the use of direct email addresses where possible. AroFlo can provide very limited support for POP email accounts.
  • Email account must be a POP3 account, with no SSL (i.e. access through plain text), due to this importing from any Office 365 account is not supported.
  • There are often issues when connecting to Exchange servers using this method, and AroFlo cannot resolve these.
  • This account must be unmonitored. As this mailbox is checked every 15 minutes, if you access this mailbox it will remove the emails before AroFlo has a chance to scan them.


To connect to an existing POP email account:

  1. Click the Pop Server button (at the top).
  2. Enter the Email Address, POP3 Server, Username and Password.
  3. Click the Test POP Connection button.

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  4. If AroFlo is able to connect to your email account, you're safe to proceed.  

POP3 Port

The POP3 Port is an optional field if your mail server is not using the standard port (Default typically: 110).

Configure import settings

Once you have set the supplier invoice import to either Direct or Pop Server, you can then configure the import settings.

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StatusOn/Off - Turn the import for this supplier on or off.
If you need to turn off the import, please ensure you have finished the setup. 
Pre-Configured Suppliers

Select from one of our ever growing list of pre-configured supported suppliers. You can see a complete list here: Supported Suppliers List.

Supplier invoices in .CSV format

If the supplier in the Pre-Configured Suppliers list says "CSV", you will need to ensure that your supplier is sending invoices in .CSV format (not PDF).

From Filter

The 'From' email domain is used to determine which supplier to map the invoice against.

Each supplier will send invoices from a different domain. For example, emails from Rexel are sent from @   

If a supplier sends emails from multiple domains, you will need to enter each domain on a new line:

User on Import

Nominate a user who will be forwarded a copy of the email after AroFlo processes it.

Auto-Map Items To Inventory

Allow AroFlo to attempt to map the items found in the email attachment to items within your inventory by matching on the 'PartNo' field.

UsingIf successfully mapped to an existing inventory item, select if you want use:

Inventory Cost Ex - use the listed inventory price on the purchase order, or

Purchase Order Cost Ex - retain the imported purchase order price.

Upload Email Attachments to Purchase Order Documents Attach all email attachments to the Purchase Order Documents tab. Note - a limit of 10 files will be uploaded when using direct imports, and 5 files when using POP imports.
Upload Email Body to Purchase Order Documents Attach a copy of the email body as a separate document in the Purchase Order Documents tab. Note - a limit of 10 files will be uploaded when using direct imports, and 5 files when using POP imports.


Import Log

Once the import feature is on and emails are being received, you can view emails via the import log.

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Feature access

Your permission group determines access to this feature.

Parts of this feature are included in AroFloGo.

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